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Chie Filomeno and Zeus Collins Leaked Video CCTV Footage Full Clip


Chile Filomeno and Zeus Collins were recently recorded under a CCTV surveillance camera. The footage went viral all over social media and the fans of the actress are giving shocking reactions to the video. Both the actress was captured by the CCTV camera at the time both the actress arrived at a parking lot late at night. The video has become one of the prominent topics of discussion among the netizens nowadays. That even spreads gradually across the web because of its rapid sharing. Get more information on Chie Filomeno and Zeus Collins’s Twitter viral video.

Chie Filomeno and Zeus Collins

The viral video is dominating on some popular social networking sites including Twitter and Reddit. The video has been watched by a large number of Internet users and many are interested in checking out the content of the circulating video. Other consumers who haven’t watched the video are curious about it as it is being talked about all over. However, the faces in the video aren’t clear but it clearly seems that the pair have been engaged in a private act. Netizens are giving various kinds of reactions to the video.

Chie Filomeno and Zeus Collins

The couple is even receiving online threats by a particular community for releasing their private video with the hashtag attached to it reads Zeus. Well if we talk about both the actress, Chie Filomeno is a popular actress, model, dancer, and social media personality. She originally belonged to Manila located in The Philippines. She started gaining the ground after she appeared in some of her successful movies Princess DayaReese, Love Thy Woman, Can’t Help Falling in Love etc. The actress was born on 15th August 1996 her original name is Chienna Roseph Filomeno and is 25 years of her age so far.

If we talk about another famous personality shown in the video named Zeus Collins. he is a famous actor, dancer, Singer, Model, Television Host, and social media personality. He is associated with some popular shows as a host including Miss Q and A and Showtime Online. Zeus Collins was born on 19th March 1993 at Rizal located in the Philippines. He is 29 years of his age so far.

It is being assumed that the blurred faces shown in the video is being assumed are mentioned actors. The netizens are reviewing the complete video. We will get back to you with more information and updates till then stay tuned with Social Telecast.

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