Five Things You Should not Say to Your Spouse in Marriage

One unpleasant thing that may always come up in any relationship is misunderstanding and if it comes up, you should handle it with wisdom.

The aim is to correct the wrong and not to verbally abuse your spouse. So you will have to be careful with the way you use your words.

You should be careful with your words when there is any misunderstanding between you and your spouse because your words will determine how long it will take for you and your spouse to settle your differences. So learning to speak right has a great effect on your marriage.

In the same way, if a couple refuses to speak right about each other but chooses to speak ill of themselves, their union may soon crash because one of them may get to a point where he/she can longer bear the insults anymore and when this happens, the marriage may end.

Remember that words spoken cannot be retrieved. You may tell your spouse that you are sorry and he/she may forgive you. But it will take a long time for your spouse to forget those hurtful words you said to him/her.

Below are some words you should never use on your spouse.

1. I was warned not to marry you. These very words may cost you more than you think. Using these words on your spouse can lead to further questioning like who said you should not marry me? If care is not taking, you may be forced to mention any of your relatives and the little misunderstanding which both of you could have solved amicably will escalate into family issues.

2. When will you ever learn? This question shows that you are speaking out of accumulated anger and its effect on your spouse can be very severe. It means that your spouse is not level up to your ‘class’ and it will make your spouse develop an inferiority complex. Instead of using such words on him/her, correct your spouse with love. Let your spouse know why you don’t want it done he/she did it. Let’s say your wife kept her shoes where you have warned her not to put her shoes, if she repeat it after you have warned her, just remove it yourself. It will not reduce you and that will also make her feel sad and take correction. Don’t use harsh words on her.

3. I regret the day I marry you. The fact is, none of you is perfect. If you think he/she is not the best for you, you should also know that you probably are not the only one seeking her hands in marriage but she left them and married you. The same thing goes for the wife, your husband saw many ladies out there before choosing you as his life partner. Saying that you regret why you marry your spouse will affect his/her interest in you forever. He/she may forgive you but will always feel like you got married in error.

4. Can’t you see Mr. A or Mrs. B. This is an act of comparing your spouse with others outside your marriage. It will make your spouse feel like he/she is not doing well enough. Comparing your spouse with someone else can lead to depression or even divorce. I am sure you don’t want that to happen.

5. I will divorce you. Some people are fond of using these words to threaten their spouses. Well, the danger is that your spouse may not know that you didn’t mean it and he/she may start making plans for an alternative person to replace you. So, don’t say what you don’t mean.

In summary, be verbally nice to your spouse, don’t hurt each other with words, protect the interests of each other and make each other feel special.

Also know that every home faces challenges, the ability to handle them determines how long your home will last.

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