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Gemma Owen Leaked Viral Video Clip Footage Twitter Michael Owen Daughter Scandal


Popular English Footballer Michael Owen is currently one of the trending topics on social media. The popular football star is currently creating a lot of buzz and making headlines out there on social media. This time the football star is creating buzzes and headlines not because of his game but because of her daughter Gemma Owen. Yes, you all heard it right, Gemma Owen the daughter of the popular English football icon Michael Owen is too currently one of the most buzzing celebrities on social media. Now after knowing that both father and daughter are trending on social media, you all must be curious to know the reason, don’t worry we will tell you all. Gemma Owen’s video and pictures have been leaked on social media and they are trending all over it.

Gemma Owen Leaked Viral

Popular Starkid’s picture and video of wearing jewelry have been leaked on social media and the leaked video is a private one and that’s the reason why it’s been so talked about and trending. This private video of Starkid has created a massive stir on social media and just in no time, it has received millions of likes, views, and comments. This leaked video is currently the most talked about on social media and netizens are massively sharing it on social media platforms.

Gemma Owen Leaked

The 19 years old Star kid has been in the buzz and limelight for some time. According to the reports, just some time ago the popular Starkid Gemma announced on social media that she is joining only fans and will be sharing her pictures and videos on the platform for her fans and admirers. Since then the star kid has been the center of attraction for the netizens on social media. Her only fans’ pictures and videos are also very much topping the trending charts on social media.

This news was quite a staggering one for the people because Gemma’s father football icon Michael has always been known for his conservative thoughts and opinions. Since the beginning of his career, Michael has been very vocal and active about his points and opinions people are well aware of how conservative he and his thinking is, so when her daughter announced that she is joining the platform Onlyfans, it flabbergasted the people. Many people are still fathoming that popular Starkid Gemma is on Onlyfans.

Michael Owen has been a very private person when it comes to his family and personal life in public. In his interviews also he never discusses much about his family and personal life. He was never comfortable sharing many personal details in public. So when her daughter came out and announced joining Only fans it thunderstruck everyone. Recently Gemma launched her clothing line and beachwear costumes. The line is loved by the people and the sales are going well. For all the latest national and international updates and news stay tuned with us.

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