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Habib Bahar Sebut Haikal Hassan Dan Prabowo Pengkhianat Viral Video Leaked Twitter


Habib Bahar bin Smith is in the news as he spoke about the figures of Haikal Hassan and Defense Minister Prabowo Subainto. Habib has called them all traitors. Well, the statement of Habib Bahar has gotten recorded in a video that has been going viral all over the internet. Following the spread of the video clip on social media, it has become one of the most talked about topics on the internet. Let us find out more details about the viral matter in the article below and get further information.

Habib Bahar Sebut Haikal Hassan Dan Prabowo Pengkhianat

According to the viral video, Habib Bahar talks to a man with a black hat and a blue mask. It is coming forward that the person Bahar talked to was Gus Raffi. Now, the complete conversation has gotten recorded in a video and the said video has spread on social media. The video was shared on Facebook on Friday, May 20, 2022. Initially in the clip, Gus Rafii and Bahar seemed to be joking as the latter asked Gus about his residence. Bahar asked him where does he live to which Gus replied with Ana Kediri. At that time, Gus Raffi spoke about Heikel Hassan.

Baja interrupted him before he could continue and mentioned the traitor. This includes discussing Prabowo. “Ah no… no… Prabowo is a traitor, as is Hikal Hassan. “Hikal Hassan is a traitor, and I have nothing to do with you,” Bahar stated emphatically. Bogor, the owner of Tajul Allawiyin Islamic Boarding School, answered by requesting that he not speak Haikal Hassan’s name in front of him. Heikal Hassan, he claims, put a strain on his heart. “Don’t bring up the traitor’s name in front of you.” Heikal Hassan is a traitor, and you cannot accept his treason. Bahar bin Ali bin Smith is black, black and white, not grey,” Bahar Er remarked.

Revealed! On the suggestion of locals, Habib Bahar speaks in Bandung.
Bahar’s attorney, Ichwan Tuankotta, confirmed the footage when requested for a separate confirmation. Bahar’s declaration was given on the sidelines of a Bandung District Court (PN) hearing last week in the case of propagating hoaxes, according to him. “It was time for a break.” Gus Rofii approached Habib Bahar and was informed. “Gus Rofii began asking, ‘How are you, Haikal Hassan?’” Ichwan explained. Needless to say, the matter has become a viral topic on the internet. Keep following our site to get more such updates!

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