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The horrifying video from Mexico’s No Mercy, in which a father and son were brutally murdered by the Mexican Cartel, has surfaced on the internet. The video has allegedly received a lot of attention on social media. After being discovered to be informants for an adversary cartel, two men in Mexico are tortured to death and given no mercy in the video “No Mercy In Mexico.” The manner in which they were murdered is likely to leave scars on many people that will take a long time to heal. Check out the complete details here in this article.

No Mercy In Mexico

The “Guerrero Flaying,” as it’s often called, is a video depicting the killing of a father and son, with some assuming that the father was an officer. The video shows the father and son being interrogated by a cartel member while their wrists are bound and their mouths are taped shut. The father was in severe pain and was repeatedly stabbed, while the son sat on the floor next to his father, his wrists clasped and his mouth taped shut.

After that, the father is thrashed with a big rod before being knifed to death. As he watches his father die in front of him, his child begins to wail. After being done with the father, the killers turn their attention to the teen, opening his chest with a knife and removing the child’s pulsing coronary heart, which they clutch as tightly as the digicam. At the end of the video, the members stabbed the son to death.

With that, both the father and the son were killed brutally and now, the video has gone viral on multiple social media platforms, getting shocking reactions from everyone as no one had even thought about the possibility of something like that happening. The Los Viagras cocaine gang was on the video, and now the assassination of two innocent individuals in Mexico by an approved gang has shocked the entire world, exposing just how demented human brains can be.

This also prompted concerns and questions about the usage of social media. It also illustrates the reality of certain people being capable of committing unthinkable things to completely different people without hesitation, raising the question of what kind of world we live in. The number of these kinds of videos has suddenly increased and has made everyone concerned. Stay tuned with us to know more about such kinds of news.

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