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Roadies 18 Today’s Episode 13th May 2022 Elimination Vote Out Kevin calls out on Yukti


Hello, all the entertainment enthusiasts, finally the weekend is here along with fresh broadcasting of your favorite and quite anticipated youth-based reality show “Roadies 18”, which you all were impatiently waiting for. As the 13th May 2022 episode is bringing the high voltage effusive and drama for you as the contestant and the host Sonu Sood is ready to make your weekend over the top through the activities which are going to occur now. But besides all these, the entire attention has been grabbed by the recent eliminations, so below you could get the comprehensive details along with the elimination updates.

Roadies 18

The recent episode begins where, the host announces the vote-out session under which, the entire contestants have to take a name of a contestant whose contribution is less than theirs and on the basis of the format the further proceeding of the elimination will bring ahead. Amidst all these, the sword of elimination is hanging on the neck of Yukti Arora since last week, and this time it is also being speculated that she will be the one who faces the elimination heat again. In short, she will be the next who will get evicted through Sunday broadcasting.

At the same time, during the vote-out session, Yukti Arora faces intense backlash from Kevin Almasifar and Arushi Chawla. The duo states that they feel Yukti has been playing a dual standard game as she does not have a single stand which indicates the manipulation, and therefore as far as they are concerned, it could be proven harmful for them and therefore, they are taking her name so that, she could end her strategy. Meanwhile, Kevin mentions that they were to root for her, but she does not react at all which seems a bit weird as well and fetches huge attention.

The makers have dropped a few exclusive promos officially which will give an idea of the coming activities, which are going to take place in the recent one. As soon as everyone is getting acquainted with the recent vote-out format their immense reactions are popping out as no one would like to be ignorant of any crucial activity. Therefore, heavy searches are spotted in the episode, as the admirers are keen to fetch everything. So here we have mentioned such details which will be proven beneficial for you at the time of streaming the show. So do not miss streaming it on MTV at the correct time and for more details stay tuned with us

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