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Salaried Personal Loan Approval Made Easy via Fullerton India’s InstaLoan App


Getting a personal loan used to be a time-consuming and cumbersome task a few years ago. The application process was complex, eligibility conditions were hard to fulfill, and it involved loads of tedious paperwork. Today, salaried applicants can apply for a personal loan through the Fullerton India Instaloan loan app without looking past their mobile phone.

Salaried Personal Loan Approval

Many NBFCs have now understood and adapted to the role of technology that helps make loan applications easier for customers. They have created personal loan apps that applicants can download on their devices and get an immediate financial backup whenever required. Here we will look at why instant loan apps have made personal loan approval easy today.

Here’s How Fullerton India’s Instaloan App Makes Personal Loan Approval Easy for Salaried Individuals:

l  Immediate Access to Funds

An instant loan app keeps a lender inside the applicant’s pocket. They have it wherever they go. Whenever they encounter an emergency, they know they can quickly take out their mobile phone and apply for a loan irrespective of the lender’s working hours. Therefore, the app offers financial support whenever an individual needs it, whether for a medical emergency or a last-minute wedding expense.

l  Fast and Straightforward

The Fullerton loan app gives 24/7 access to loan services. Whether the applicant wants to access the lender from their home, office, or while traveling, they can apply for a loan with a few taps on their touch-screen.  The Instaloan app makes the personal loan application process 100% digital, saving the applicant time and hassle.

l  Safety Assured

There is no need to worry about data security and privacy as far as mobile loan apps from reputed NBFCs like Fullerton India are concerned. These apps are 100% trustworthy and safe. Fullerton India has been a reputed lender working since 2007, and people trust them for their professionalism and security. Their loan app uses the latest encryption technologies to ensure their applicant’s personal and financial information safety.

l  Quick Loan Approval

The instant loan app has made loan applications much faster than earlier. The application process is pretty fast and straightforward. Once the applicant submits the loan application and uploads the required documents, the lender instantly confirms eligibility, based on the information provided in the application. Therefore, the app makes the required funds available to an eligible applicant faster than expected. After successful verification checks, document evaluation and execution of the loan agreement, the final loan approval is done and the applicant gets the required funds disbursed into their bank account within 24 hours.*

*T&C Apply. Please note that at this moment, Fullerton India’s Instaloan app is only available for salaried individuals.

l  Paperless* Documentation

Most applicants are worried about the extensive paperwork involved in a personal loan application. Although Fullerton has minimal documentation requirements, including address, income, and identity proofs, there is no need to visit the lender’s office to submit the documents. With the eKYC method, the lender accepts scanned copies of the necessary documents through the app itself. The applicant can simply scan and upload the documents through the app to make the processing go faster.

l  Personal Loan for Multiple Expenses

Whatever the expenses are, a personal loan is easily accessible through the Fullerton loan app. One can easily buy a laptop on EMI, get a startup off the ground, or pay for wedding expenses using a personal loan. Many people also use a personal loan to fund a vacation, finance education or consolidate debt. A personal loan app on a mobile phone goes a long way in making expenses hassle-free and affordable.

l  Valuable Tools to Help Decision-Making

Applying for a loan without checking eligibility will only lead to a hard enquiry and reduce the credit score. Therefore, using the personal loan eligibility calculator in the loan app to confirm eligibility and know the loan amount would be helpful. The app also has a personal loan EMI calculator, using which the applicants can know their approximate EMI amount based on the repayment tenure they choose. Selecting a loan term with convenient EMIs will help clear the loan successfully without stressing the monthly budget.

l  No Guarantor Required

Personal loans are unsecured so that one can avail of them without any guarantor, security, or collateral. The applicant may receive the loan amount directly into their bank account wherever they are.

The Fullerton loan app is a huge help, especially when someone is looking for funds for professional or personal reasons. Since the cash is readily available through the smartphone, it is possible to apply for a personal loan anytime, anywhere, without visiting the NBFCs office even once. Now that it’s clear how the app makes personal loan approval easy for the applicants, install the app on a smartphone and apply for a loan whenever needed with just a few taps.

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