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Sirf Tum Today’s Episode 16th May 2022 Written Update: Suhani Insults Ansh


The latest episode of Sirf Tum starts with Mamta. She watches Suhani as she prepares oats and juice for Dadu and her. Dadu tells Suhani that he does not like Oats and adds that he likes to eat Parantha. Suhani asks him to at least try the oats as they are healthy. Suhani leaves. Dadu talks to Mamta about Suhani. He says that Suhani is the best choice for Ranveer. Mamta prays to God to give Ranveer wisdom so that he can make the right decisions only. Here, Suhani reaches the temple and meets Asha there.

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Asha tells Suhani that she has arranged a Puja for her and Ansh’s married life. She adds that they might have gotten separated but they will reunite. Asha says that their marriage did not break and adds that after this Puja, their bond will get even stronger. Suhani gets annoyed and tells Asha that she is not interested in any kind of Pooja. She further says that she loves Ranveer only. Asha gets disheartened upon hearing that. Asha says that she had believed that Suhani will change his son and adds that she has no one except for him.

Suhani tells Asha that no one can change her mannerless son. Asha gets upset. She reminds Suhani of Vikrant leaving her when she was pregnant with Ansh. She asks her not to repeat the same mistake. Suhani says that Asha should have fought for her rights. Suhani further says that she can not stay here any longer as she does not love anyone except for Ranveer. When Suhani was about to leave, Asha tells her that Ranveer is also Vikrant’s son and there are chances that he might leave her the way Vikrant left her. Suhani says that she will not leave Ranveer’s side ever.

Ansh notices Asha looking sad. He asks her if Suhani said anything to her. Ansh further says that he would have separated Ranveer and Suhani if the former did not have any evidence against him. A flashback is shown. Ansh begs Ranveer to delete the video proof but he does not do that. Asha says that if anyone gets the proof, Ansh will land in trouble. She says that she can not even imagine losing him. Later, it is shown that Asha tells Ansh that she will emotionally blackmail Ranveer to return the proof he has against Ansh. The latter smiles and hugs Asha.

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