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Sirf Tum Today’s Written Update 18th May 2022 Episode Ansh Plans Against Ranveer


In today’s episode of Sirf Tum, Ansh tells Suhani that she can not do anything as she has been trapped in her own story. Suhani gets annoyed with Ansh’s talk and hits his head with a glass bottle. Ansh falls down and gets afraid seeing all the blood on his hands. Ansh picks up the pieces of the broken glass bottle and stabs Suhani. Ranveer wakes up in fear. It all turns out to be his dream only. Ranveer rushes to Suhani and asks if she is doing fine. Suhani begins the countdown.

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Suhani asks Ranveer what was the reason behind him calling off their engagement. Ranveer does not answer her and just takes her to his room and asks her to stay there only. He plays the music aloud making everyone come there. Here, Suhani keeps asking him the reason why he broke the engagement. Ranveer ignores her. She asks him to avoid him as much as he wants but asks him not to ignore his studies. Suhani reminds Ranveer of his exam tomorrow and leaves. Everyone leaves too. The next day, everyone is writing the exam except for Ranveer.

Riya notices Ranveer sitting idle. Meanwhile, the professor asks everyone to return their answer sheets. When the professor goes to Ranveer, he gets shocked to see his answer sheet empty. He asks him where is he lost. Asha says that he has gotten lost in Suhani’s love and has become useless. Riya praises Ranveer for throwing Suhani out of his life. Suhani comes to the canteen. Riya comes there too and throws water at her face, making her shocked. She asks Suhani to drown in the shallow water with shame. Riya tells her that because of her Ranveer left his answer sheet blank.

Riya questions Suhani about why did she go to Ranveer’s place. She blames her for running Ranveer’s dream to become a successful doctor. Suhani tells Riya that Ranveer will definitely become a doctor. She adds that their engagement might have been called off but not their relationship. She asks her not to think much of their relationship and look into her own life. Suhani also adds that she will make sure that Ranveer studies well and does well in his studies. On another side, Vikrant says that he has decided to keep Suhani away from Ranveer so that he can focus on his career. Follow our site, Social Telecast, for more Sirf Tum written updates.

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