Almost everyone has a smartphone and because we can easily carry it around, we use it as a storage device to store all our important documents or files.

In this article, I would be showing you guys three things you’re not expected to safe on your smartphone.

1. Password

When you’re creating a new account on social media or any other application, you’ll be asked to choose a strong password that’s a combination of numbers and letters. Because it would be hard to remember such passwords, a lot of us make the mistake of storing them on our smartphones, which is wrong by the way.

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Credit: Cell Phone Hospital

If you mistakenly lose your phone, someone could easily gain access to all your accounts that you’re trying to protect, since you already made the password available for them.

2. Photos And Videos That Are Personal

If you have some naughty photos or videos that wouldn’t want your parents, wife, children, or boss to see, it’s advisable that you don’t store such delicate things on your phone.

In the case that your phone got stolen, you wouldn’t want someone to blackmail you with either your nude photos or any other file that you’ll want to keep a secret.

3. Online Bank Account

While this has a lot of advantages, many of us ignorantly access our bank accounts online via the phone we use for our daily activities.

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Credit: Gizbot

If you want to carry out transactions that involve sending or receiving money, you should do it on a computer/phone that never leaves your house.


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