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Watch Udaariyaan Today’s Latest Episode 16th May 2022 Khushbir Identifies Taniya as Tejo


The 16th May 2022 episode of Udaariyaan is bringing a high voltage drama where you will watch that Tejo alias Taniya makes the entire Virk family acquainted that she is here to figure out everything behind the murder of Tejo. So please stop considering her as a Tejo despite knowing that it could not have happened at all because they saw her body so therefore, it does not make any sense if they pronounce her Tejo. Therefore, she asks them to stay away as long as something crucial comes out regarding the passing of their daughter-in-law.


At the same time, Khushbir Singh wonders if he should wait a bit ahead because somewhere he knows that she is Tejo and hiding her identity from them. Hence, he assures her that no one will create an obstacle in her path at the time of investigating the case. She thanks him and asks to bring everyone out for a while because now not only Tejo is remaining in the hot discussion even Amrik’s death also brought uncounted thinks which are making the case a bit tricky. But amidst all these, one thing is common Angad Mann has appeared at the crime spot.

Meanwhile, Khushbir Singh comes to her after sending everyone out of the house and says that she could not lie to him, as he can feel her presence as a Tejo because she is his daughter, and therefore, no matter what happens his eyes can not be deceptive. Tejo aka Taniya gets a bit emotional which indicates that she is Tejo and Khushbir Singh comes to know that she is just pretending to be a stranger while nothing is here as it seems. But he makes her sure that he will not let anyone familiar with all these, so therefore she does not need to think more about them.

In the previous episode as the viewers streamed, Tejo’s entry made everyone shocked as they were not supposing her to see in such a manner. Therefore, everyone comes to her and starts showering their love as they saw her after 6 months, but spontaneously she addresses her Taniya while making them separate. As she makes them understand that the concerned authority has detained Angad Mann as the defaulter behind the passing of Amrik and he will get the appropriate sentence. So do not miss streaming it on Colors at the correct time and for more details stay tuned with us.

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