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What Was Anthony Avalos Cause of Death? How Did He Die? Wiki Biography


Anthony Avalos received tributes from all over, the 10 years old boy died after getting tortured brutally. He went missing and a missing report had been filed by the household the case come to the attention of law enforcement and they started a rapid investigation. The police authority moved heaven and the earth to find out the kid. They eventually discovered the body and it was sent for an urgent autopsy. His body was a body found with bruises all over. His corpse indicates that the boy was tortured and suffered from malnutrition. Get more information on what was Anthony Avalos’s death reasons.

Anthony Avalos

According to the latest reports claimed by some crucial information sources that the police officer later arrested a person named Leiva. Moreover, Kareem Leiva is in a love relationship with Avalos’ mother Heather Barron. Leiva along with Barron alleged the first-degree murder charges attached with some special circumstances. The same information has also been released by Sheriff Jim McDonnell during a press conference. Another piece of information has been released by a significant personality Brandon Nicholas designated as Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services the boy recently told her mother that “he liked boys and girls.”

The Aftermatch of Anthony’s death analysed by the investigation revealed that some of the boy’s relatives that his mother and her boyfriend demonstrated repeated evidence of their extreme homophobia. Anthony’s mother used to humiliate him by calling him a faggot in front of relatives or other people. Whereas Leiva admitted that he feels uncomfortable when some homosexuals are around him. In addition to this, Anthony was supervised by Los Angeles DCFS and at the time around 13 calls were made by teachers, counsellors, relatives, and police regarding Anthony’s well being.

As we mentioned above that the corpse of the boy was sent for an autopsy that described the sustained abuse. His body had bruises and burns all over his body and he was extremely malnourished. One of the therapists provide a testimony that said Anthony’s mother used to beat him and didn’t give food to him for hours and locked him in a room for a long.

The child was 6 years old at the time and brought to the therapist by his aunt and the therapist immediately reported to the authority. He was fatally tortured some days after his death and a 911 call was also made before his murder. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more information and the latest updates.

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