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Who is Brian Brunson from Dallas Texas Arrested? Check Crime Report & Charges


Brian Brunson is a culprit arrested by the police officers, who had shot his neighbor. The news about Brian Shooting his neighbor made a lot of headlines lately and was quite buzzing on the internet and social media. A video made a video recording secretly when Brian Brunson was shooting his neighbor and that video proved Brian committing that crime. According to some reports that video got massively viral on social media too and grabbed massive public attention. The video has received many reactions from people all across the United States of America. Most of the people shared an angry reaction to this deadly incident.

Brian Brunson from Dallas Texas

Brian was arrested by the police authorities for firing bullets and verbally assaulting his neighbor. According to the reports Brian Confronted his neighbor Fellon Bills with a gun and verbally abused him and then later shot him with his firearm. As this whole incident was recorded by an unnamed woman, so the video was also viral on social media, this video was very much outrageous and people stormed Twitter and social media with their reaction to this brutal and painful incident. They also put out their comments and opinion regarding the role of the local authorities.

According to some reports, people outraged the local police authorities for not taking action against Brian when he was verbally assaulting the felon and banging on his door in anger. Reports have claimed that police ignored this case until the shooting, police didn’t interrupt while Brian was Verbally assaulting Felon and banging on his door and driveway. Netizens bashed the police department for their neglecting and ignorant role in this case. Netizens also morally policed the officers which were assigned for solving this case. Netizens have been disappointed by the treatment and the behavior of the local behavior in this case.

Some of them even stated that if the police were quicker responsive and vigilant, this shooting wouldn’t have occurred. Brian Brunson, the culprit who shot and abused his neighbor is a 39 years old man, Who is a native of Dallas Texas. Brian Brunson is a father of a youthful boy. Currently, there is no more personal information about Brian Brunson in public. We will update you with all the latest updates and developments in this case. According to the reports, the case is in court and proceedings have begun thus soon we can expect a judgment coming on this case. For all the latest national and international updates, news and information stay tuned with us.

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