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Who is Brian Entin Twitter? What Happened to journalist?


Brian Entin is trending on social media. He is a reporter for NewsNationNow, a Miami-based publication. For some time, his name is popping up on every platform, making the netizens curious about him. People are eager to know what has happened to the man that he has occupied all the top trends on the internet. Needless to say, the reporter has been garnering a lot of attention from the general public. Have you also come across his name lately? If that’s the case, check out the article below and get all the details.

Brian Entin

According to reports, Brian Entin is a self-proclaimed “total news dog” who works for NewsNationNow. He has been obtaining much attention from the public lately. Everyone seems to be concerned about the viral personality. Several people are claiming that something has happened to the news reporter. Rumors have spread all over the internet and it is no doubt to state that the well-wishers of Brian are more than concerned.

Well, let us tell you that Brian Entin is perfectly fine and nothing has happened to him. He has come to the headlines because his account has reportedly gotten hacked. Sources claim that during a virtual autopsy session hosted by coroner Dr. Gabby Petito, Entine’s Teton County Brent Bley was allegedly hacked. Multiple messages were sent from his account and the alleged hacker even asked everyone to unmute their microphone.

As no one obeyed the command of the hacker, the latter made malicious and derogatory comments in the chat. Since then the matter has become the subject of discussion. However, who was behind the hack and what was their motive remains to be unclear now. Later, on that day, Entin took to Twitter to share a post. Brian wrote that someone hacked his name in the coroner’s chat and asked the horrible things I was told. The reporter further said that it was not him and someone else.

According to him, the hacker entered a question in the chat area which was “what was the autopsy result of Gabby Petito”. For those unversed, her autopsy results were released on Tuesday, October 12. Well, now, this particular matter has grabbed the interest of everyone. The reporter has become the subject of interest among many. His name has been trending on several platforms. Keep following our site to get more of such latest updates and news trending worldwide. Stay tuned with us!

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