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Who is Paul Gendron & Payton Gendron? Buffalo Supermarket Shooting Suspect Images Video Footage


The massive shooting in Buffalo New York has shocked and shattered everyone, the accused White Supremacist is identified as an 18-year-old boy named Payton Gendron. As this news broke out it created a massive stir on social media and thus people want to know about Payton’s family and father. So in today’s article, we will inform you all about his father and his family, read this article till the end to find out all about him. Paul Gendron is the name of Payton Gendron’s father. Paul Gendron is the father of the accused white supremacist who caused this massive massacre killing 10 innocent people and injuring 3 retailers from the top supermarket.

Who is Paul Gendron? shooting suspect

Paul Gendron is an Engineer from Conklin, New York. According to the reports Paul works at the New York transport department. He and his wife Pamela Gendron are the parents of the killers of 10, Payton Gendron. He is a civil engineer. Both Paul and Pamela work in the transport department of New York. According to the reports, Paul and Pamela have five children, and Payton who is been accused of causing this brutal and barbaric massacre is their oldest child, and the rest of the 4 children are all younger than him.

The reports also claim that the Gendrons are a very honest and nice family. They don’t have any records of any crime in their family until Payton. All the people who knew Gendron’s state that they are among one of the nicest and most decent families in New York. They have always been cordial and a song with everyone. They have always been helping others. Their neighbors have claimed that seeing this horrendous news about Payton committing such a barbaric Massacre has given them a drastic step. They also claimed that Gendrons have always been so good and jovial so it’s flabbergasting seeing their son involved in such brutal and manslaughter.

This incident has stired up a lot of heat on social media and the internet. People are coming out with a massive outrage on social media. Everyone has seen racial discrimination in America since the beginning and now they are fed up with this kind of brutality on people because of their color. Netizens are continuously tweeting and posting about this and demanding justice for all those who lost their lives in this brutal incident. For all the latest national and international updates, news and information stay tuned with us.

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