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Who Is Persia Pirotta Leaked Viral Video Images Pictures Former WWE Wrestle


Stephanie De Landra, also known as Persia Pirtta in her ring, is now posting OnlyF stuff on social media. The woman who was famous for her WWE appearance is now on social media, and as soon as she posted only F, people were curious as to what was going on with her. Let’s delve deeper into this situation. Following her removal, she posted on social media saying, “Let’s do hot females shi*t,” to which followers flocked to her page and the caption was reposted beneath a photo of her wearing a bikini. Check further details here.

Persia Pirotta

Ever since the news of the wrestler being a part of OnlyF spread on the internet, it has gained the attention of many. Netizens are searching for information about her and trying to find out some sort of information about her. Stephanie has been a part of a number of matches. Reportedly, she has been in the Newcastle City Wrestling and Melbourne City too. It has been said that Stephanie used to be a part of the NXT2.0 and wrestle for it. However, the wrestler has left the wrestling world and has taken a new step in life.

On her social media, Stephanie has been asking her followers to be a part of OF too. Let us also add that apart from Stephanie, Dexter and Stephen were also released from the NXT 2.0 brand which is from WWE. Many wrestlers have been switching from the wrestling world and other fields to the OnlyF world. It is reported that Persia Pirotta shared an inappropriate video clip on her account that has gone viral all over the internet. Due to the nature of her content, it has garnered a lot of attention from the netizens all around.

Everyone knows that these kinds of adult content start trending in a flash of an eye. You will blink and will find a video trending on the internet. This has become the easiest thing to attain name and fame. Persia Pirotta happens to be that user who has obtained huge attention because of her viral videos. People are taking great interest in her videos and are looking forward to watching her content too. In a short course of time, Persia has got a decent fan base who has been showering love and support to Stephanie’s content. Follow our site for more such kinds of updates. Stay tuned to our site.

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