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Who is Rochelle Hathaway? Check Her Relationship with Johnny Depp Wiki Biography


Rochelle Hathway, the actress has managed to drive the attention of the media and people lately. She has been in the headlines and buzz on social media lately. According to the reports, Rochelle Hathaway shared a secret relationship with Hollywood star Johnny Depp. As per some reports, actress Rochelle Hathway shared a love relationship with superstar Johnny Depp in private and in secrecy, this is the main reason why she is been in the headlines and a topic of discussion for the netizens on social media and the internet.

Rochelle Hathaway Relationship with Johnny Depp

Rochelle Hathway is a well-known contract corporate flight attendant apart from her acting occupation. There are many reports on social media, which claimed that Rochelle and superstar Johnny Depp were in a secret romantic relationship. Although none of them accepted this rumor or report, netizens and media still think that they both shared romantic chemistry in past with each other. Although the actress maintains a very low profile and avoids most of the headlines and paparazzi, currently she is again in the headlines. As you all know the ongoing Court case of Johnny Depp and his ex-wife Amber Heard.

Johnny Depp and Amber heard’s ongoing defamation case has been the most talked about topic on social media and the internet. Everyday. With each passing day, the case is taking new turns. So as you all know the court proceedings of the case are going on so during these proceedings. Amber heard has used Rochelle’s name a lot many times in court. Amber stated that Johnny cheated on her with Rochelle Hathway while they were married.

After all these statements Rochelle is again in the headlines and buzzing on social. Rochelle has always been a private person. She has not reacted to all the accusations by Amber Heard. Rochelle always maintained her privacy and chooses to stay away from all the chaos, drama, and unwanted controversies. Although this quality and nature are being loved by the netizens, they all are praising her for being so calm and ignoring Amber. Although lately, Amber Heard is facing massive heat from the people on social media. Netizens are giving her a tough time on social media, she is currently facing a lot of wrath from the public. This time public is supporting Johnny Depp, after the leaked audio tapes of Amber confirmed her cruelty towards Depp. For all the latest national and international updates, news and information stay tuned with us.

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